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Methane Testing Southern California

The Geo Forward team is licensed to provide methane testing for all building departments in California. Additionally, we are an authorized engineering agency for the City Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety.

Methane (CH4) is the primary hydrocarbon gas found within natural gas in soil.  Natural gas additionally includes hydrogen sulfide (H2S) when associated with former oil fields. Furthermore, methane soil gas can exist in areas nearby landfills and natural oil deposits.

The main hazard of CH4 in soil gas is explosion. Without proper mitigation, the combustible gas can buildup inside structures. And because methane is colorless and odorless, occupants remain unaware.

The Geo Forward team offers fast, affordable and reliable reports.  These custom reports are guaranteed to meet building department standards. Moreover, our scope of work for each soil gas survey is custom-designed to be approved during the first submission.

Methane Testing initially includes a shallow probe soil gas survey. Afterwards, a drilling rig is used to drill and install multiple sampling zones underground.

Methane Testing Shallow Soil Gas Probe – Photo Credit: University of Texas at Austin & Bureau of Economic Geology

Benefits of the Soil Gas Survey

In some cases, methane test results can omit the requirement for developers to install a costly vapor barrier.  Geo Forward reports are optimized to help plan checkers, contractors, designers and developers complete projects quickly on a budget.

Furthermore, a mitigation plan can designed for the proposed structure to eliminate the hazards of soil gas intrusion.

Methane Zone and Methane Buffer Zone

The City of Los Angeles determined boundaries for areas that require methane testing and mitigation. These borders make up either a Methane Zone or Methane Buffer Zone.

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6 thoughts on “Methane Testing

  • DBC Contractors

    We have a hillside property that was graded out about a week ago. The property is in a los angeles methane zone. We already got approval by LADBS to start building, but now the grading inspector wants a methane test. How does this effect our budget and timeline for construction?

    • Azad A. Kaligi, PG Post author

      The fieldwork process does not exceed two days. Thereafter, we prepare a report with data, conclusions and recommendations. Depending on the results, your site would be a Level 1 though Level 5 site. Generally, the higher the level, the more expensive to mitigate. But all developments are different, and that reflects on costs majorly.

      If you send me an email with the details of your property and proposed development, I can prepare some cost estimates.


      Azad A. Kaligi, PG
      (888) 930-6604 x700

    • Azad A. Kaligi, PG Post author

      This answer depends on the lot size, and purpose of land-use.

      Typically, you can expect a minimum of 6 samples per day (usually for two days).


      Azad A. Kaligi, PG
      (888) 930-6604 x700