Los Angeles Methane Zones Map 11

Los Angeles Methane Zones Map

The Los Angeles Methane Zones Map is provided to identify properties that require methane testing or methane mitigation.  For help finding your property on this methane zone map call us at (888) 930-6604 and speak with a licensed geologist!  

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 LA Methane Zone Testing

Geo Forward, Inc. is a licensed methane testing agency and authorized mitigation consultant for the City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS). Geo Forward, Inc. is the leading provider of LA methane zone test services.

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Los Angeles Methane Zones Map - Locate a property on this map to determine if methane zone testing or methane buffer zone mitigation is needed.

Source: City of Los Angeles Methane Zones Map – Showing Methane Zone and Methane Buffer Zone Properties.

Methane Zone Map Los Angeles, CA

The map displayed above is the official Los Angeles Methane Zone Map per Ordinance 175790. This map displays methane zone and methane buffer zone boundaries. The boundaries are based on the location of historical crude oil and natural gas hot spots. Some methane zones are related to landfills as well. Projects in the highlighted areas may require Methane Testing and Methane Mitigation.

Professional assistance is available for locating properties on this methane zone map. Call to coordinate a free consultation.

Map Sources:

Los Angeles Department of Public Works, Bureau of Engineering
Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS)

Geo Forward, Inc.

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