Asbestos Surveys

Asbestos Surveys

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©arvind grover

©arvind grover

Asbestos is a proven carcinogen which is commonly found in building materials used across the nation. In 1989 the United States Environmental Protection Agency banned the use of most asbestos-containing products, however it can still be found in modern buildings.

When asbestos containing materials are demolished, fibers of the carcinogen are released into the breathing environment. These particles are not observable to the human eye, and create a health risk to the construction workers onsite as well as future occupants of the buildings.

Federal regulations require asbestos surveys for buildings undergoing renovation or demolition to safeguard onsite personal and building occupants from inhalation of the asbestos fibers released into the air. In most jurisdictions across California, building and safety departments will not approve permits without an asbestos survey and abatement plan.

Geo Forward, Inc. provides all forms of asbestos surveys for residential, commercial and industrial structures undergoing renovation or demolition.  The Geo Forward team includes environmental professionals who are licensed and up-to-date with state and federal regulations for asbestos testing and abatement.

Asbestos Containing Materials

Asbestos is generally found in sound insulation, floor and ceiling tiles, pipe insulation, fire-proofing material, thermal insulation and more. In some cases, available manufacture specifications for the building materials used can be used to determine asbestos content.  However in most surveys, the presence of asbestos is best evidenced by testing the select materials.

As a matter of due diligence, prudent building owners should be informed about the asbestos content of their structure(s). If the asbestos containing materials in a building are observed to be in good condition, the building can be managed without inhalation hazards to occupants. Asbestos containing materials in good-to-average condition can be sealed to mitigate the carcinogen inhalation hazards. Asbestos containing materials in poor condition are more commonly removed and replaced to avoid any heal risk to occupants.

Geo Forward, Inc. offers the following asbestos testing packages to meet the requirements of any project type:

Asbestos Survey Packages

  • 1). Limited Asbestos Survey: A limited asbestos survey is geared towards renovation or construction projects on existing buildings.  This package includes sampling and testing for asbestos within the specific portion of the building being renovated.

  • 2). Asbestos Screening: Asbestos screening is geared towards damaged materials in existing buildings. This limited survey tests the observed damaged materials which are suspected to contain asbestos, to evaluate the potential health risk to occupants.

  • 3). Asbestos Survey for Major Renovation: An asbestos survey for major renovation takes place prior to any construction work, and includes comprehensive testing of the entire structure being modified. The results of this survey allow the construction crew to take the proper safeguarding measures against asbestos exposure while working.

  • 4). Asbestos Survey for Demolition: An asbestos survey for demolition takes place prior to any construction work, and includes comprehensive testing of all parts of the building(s) being demolished.  The results of this survey allows the demolition crew to take the proper safeguarding measures against asbestos exposure.

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