Limited Environmental Due Diligence

Limited Environmental Due Diligence

Limited Environmental Due Diligence reports are cost-effective tools, without scientific standards, solely to gain knowledge about the environmental risk of a property, on a preliminary level. In some cases, landowners may find it in their best interest to independently conduct a series of Limited Environmental Due Diligence investigations prior to a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment or Phase 2 Subsurface Investigation. In fact, when time permits, smaller steps in the form of limited assessments may aid landowners for better decision making. Updated March 20, 2019.

Limited Environmental Due Diligence Reports generally apply best for properties without an obvious history of contamination. The more-comprehensive options are ASTM-compliant environmental site assessments for properties which presumably have higher liability and risk. And ASTM-compliant reports also provide buyers with CERCLA liability protection as Innocent Land Owners (ILO).  Limited Environmental Due Diligence reports are a cost-effective way to initially evaluate the environmental risks of a property.

Desktop Environmental Reports

A Desktop Report is a limited due diligence report that allows property owners to economically evaluate the potential for contamination risk at a property by unforeseen causes.

Transaction Screen Assessment

A Transaction Screen Assessment is a limited environmental due diligence report aiming towards the loan qualification process Small Business Administration (SBA).

Limited Subsurface Testing

Limited Subsurface Testing aims to provide a landowner with a particular set of shallow soil data. Typically, this may not be certain enough to determine whether contamination does exist or not. However, it can provide reliable preliminary information, as a valuable purchaser’s tool when engaging in a transaction. Moreover, in addition to soil sampling, the also includes sub-slab soil gas testing.

Deciding between Limited Environmental Site Assessment Reports and complete Phase I Site Assessment Reports can be difficult. For all inquiries, call (888) 930-6604 to speak with a professional geologist or engineer.

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