Limited Environmental Due Diligence

Two Types of Limited Environmental Due Diligence Reports

Limited environmental due diligence reports are a cost-effective way to initially evaluate the environmental risks of a property.

 SBA Transaction Screen Assessment

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Small Business Administration (SBA) Program Requirements

 7(a) and 504 loans   |   Low Risk Properties

 Desktop Environmental Reports

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Government Database & File Review   |   Historical Documents Review

Records Search with Risk Assessment (RSRA)   |   Custom Reports

Limited Environmental Reports are generally conducted for properties with a “low-risk history.”  For Complete CERCLA liability protection and risk evaluation of “high-risk” properties, a full scope Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Report is advised. Click here to learn more about Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Reports.

Deciding between Limited Reports and complete Phase I Site Assessment Reports can be difficult and stressful.  For all inquiries, call us at (888) 930-6604 to speak with a licensed geologist or engineer.

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