Soil Contamination Testing

Soil Contamination Testing for Limited Environmental Assessment 

Soil contamination testing can be conducted at a property to screen for a recent environmental impact. Environmental site assessments are generally comprised of (but not limited to): collecting soil, soil gas or groundwater samples; having samples analyzed for possible contamination at a state-certified laboratory and reporting results with conclusions and recommendations. When soil contamination testing is required by financial entities or real estate groups for liability protection, a comprehensive investigation can be prepared in the form of a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment.  When independent parties seeking to determine if their property is contaminated, a variety of limited testing options can be performed to conduct subsurface investigations.

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Limited Subsurface Investigations

The objective of a limited subsurface investigation is to determine whether contamination exists in the shallow soil and/or groundwater underlying a property.  Additionally, shallow soil-gas underlying a property or building foundation can be screened for contaminants in vapor form. A limited geophysical survey can also be conducted to identify the precise location of underground features, such as tanks, utility lines, pipelines, etc.

Soil Contamination Testing Nearby Pipelines

Soil Contamination Testing Nearby Pipelines

Limited Soil Contamination Testing

Each subsurface investigation must be custom-scoped for the specific property undergoing testing. The general scopes of work vary from site to site and depend on local geology, chemicals of concern, job site history, and areas of concern. Geo Forward prepares customized scopes of work for limited subsurface investigations, with an emphasis on quality and client inquiries. All scopes of work are prepared by a State licensed geologist or engineer and are designed in accordance with EPA methodologies for sampling, testing, and reporting.

When Will a Full-Scope Phase 2 ESA be Required?

A property will generally undergo the testing of a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment based on the conclusions and recommendations of a recent Phase I Site Assessment Report.  However, often times at high-risk properties, a Phase II Subsurface Investigation may be requested for a comprehensive understanding of contamination risk.

For more information about soil contamination testing, call (888) 930-6604 to speak with a professional geologist or engineer.

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