Methane Deputy Inspector & L.A.D.B.S. Inspection

Methane Deputy Inspector & L.A.D.B.S. Inspection Services

Geo Forward, Inc. is one of the leading providers of Methane Barrier Deputy Inspection services for the City of Los Angeles, Department of Building and Safety, also referred to as L.A.D.B.S.. The Methane Deputy Inspectors at Geo Forward, Inc. are experienced with the latest design standards and building code requirements for methane mitigation systems.  A methane deputy inspector specializes in the installation of methane vapor barriers, for all types of building development-projects.  Geo Forward also offers comprehensive construction management and field support services during the deputy inspection service.

Methane Deputy Inspector and Methane Barrier Deputy Inspection Services

Methane Mitigation Barrier Application

Los Angeles Methane Zones & Methane Buffer Zone – Where Methane Deputy Inspectors are Needed 

Historical oil pumping fields and natural gas production wells are the main sources of methane gas hazards in shallow soil.  Landfills as well as the areas surrounding them are another cause of methane soil gas. Awareness on the hazards of methane soil gas rises from explosions in central Los Angeles during the 1980s.  Thus, the L.A.D.B.S. and other local agencies have required methane testing, methane mitigation and methane barrier deputy inspection in special methane zones and methane buffer zones.

Methane Deputy Inspector Observing a Methane Barrier

Methane Barrier Deputy Inspection by Geo Forward, Inc.

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