Radon Testing

Radon Gas Testing

Radon is a radioactive gas that is odorless and colorless. Radon gas is found naturally occurring in rocks, soil and groundwater. Generally, radon is produced by the decay of uranium and lead. Furthermore, an intermediate decay product is the radioactive solid polonium. This lodges in the lungs, and can cause lung cancer. Radon gas is known to accumulate in high concentrations, usually in basements. The toxic gas can enter a structure through cracks in the floor-slabs and subsurface piping.

High-Risk Radon Gas Test Areas: 

Virtually every state in the U.S. has a potential radon hazard.  According to the Radon Zone Map of California, the counties with the highest risks are Santa Barbara and Ventura County. These counties are in “Zone 1,” and have the highest predicted average indoor radon screening level.  The areas of moderate radon potential are in “Zone 2,” which include most of the majorly developed and populated counties of California (Los Angeles, San Bernardo, Riverside, Kern, etc.)  The northernmost and southernmost portions of California are considered the areas of lowest radon potential, or “Zone 3.” Ultimately, high levels of radon gas have been found in all three zones.  Thus, radon testing is always advised to properly assess the risk on your property.

Radon Sampling & Testing

Geo Forward offers a Radon Testing services for residential, commercial and industrial properties, by inspectors certified with the National Environmental Health Association National Radon Proficiency Program.  Geo Forward offers short-term and long-term radon sampling/testing plans, as well as mitigation, remediation and confirmation sampling.  Additionally, Geo Forward offers a custom sampling and testing plan as per the H.U.D.. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae guidelines.

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